School Board has:

  • Gradebook


    Multifuncational and easy to use gradebook

  • Attendance


    Manage attendance of students and teachers in one place

  • Incidents


    Track all incidents in your school

  • Scheduling


    Create personal scheduling for each teacher

  • Regular and privates lessons

    Regular and privates lessons

    Makes creation of lessons much easier and faster

  • Custom fields in profiles

    Custom fields in profiles

    Extend profile of each person in your school with needed fields.

  • 2 types of libraries

    2 types of libraries

    Files and books from library now available for students.

  • Hostel management

    Hostel management

    Manage buildings, floors, rooms and students

  • Donations


    Involve donors to your school and get donations from them

  • Rich feedback for students

    Rich feedback for students

    Add comments and files to show achievements of student

  • Rate teachers

    Rate teachers

    Every student can rate lessons to reward best teacher

  • SMS notifations

    SMS notifations

    Notify parents by SMS and email about every event what occurred with their child

  • Recurring payments

    Recurring payments

    Payment of fees is much comfortable with recurring payments

  • Manage students, parents and teachers

    Manage students, parents and teachers

    And provide easy access for them to collaborate

  • User management

    User management

    Set password, enable or disable any user. Allow them to login with ID instead of email

  • Staff management

    Staff management

    Involve employees collaborate with you

  • Intuitive dashboards

    Intuitive dashboards

    Everyone can view important information in own dahboard

  • Reports


    Build detailed reports and know every detail of your school

  • Enrollment


    Invite and enroll students to your school

  • Easy configuration

    Easy configuration

    Configure script to your needs and wishes, set up you theme and upload your logos

  • Adjustable semesters

    Adjustable semesters

    Adjust semesters according to your study plan

  • Fees


    Charge your students to pay any fees

  • Internal group comunication

    Internal group comunication

    Discuss any topics with teachers, parents and students.

  • Classrooms


    Track scheduling and availability of each classroom

  • Subjects


    Create subjects for your school and assign them to teachers

  • Import data

    Import data

    Import students, parents and teachers from external CSV file

  • More supported languages

    More supported languages

    Spanish, Danish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Czech